RT – .45 ACP

Note: Reloading cartridges can be dangerous and result in personal injury or serious damage to property. Loading should only be attempted by individuals with a strong knowledgebase and correct instruction on all parts and apparatus and Viper Bullets strongly encourages safe reloading practices. Please ensure at all times that the correct components, equipment and measurements are used while reloading as incorrect procedure or overloading can result in excessive chamber pressures. The below tables are intended only as a starter loads and as any reloading operations and safety practices are beyond our control we disclaim all liability for damages to persons or property that may result.


PowderStart Load grVelocity fpsPressure psiMax Load grVelocity fpsPressure psi
Somchem S12171180155618.1130020654
Lovex So207.81220153499135020957
Lovex D0325.91150154716.8126020588
Lovex D0368.812201568610.1134020640
Lovex D037,213.712701546415.3140020766
Aliant Unique7.21190152798.5133020882
Aliant Bullseye6.21170156947.2129020468
Aliant Pistol9.212601577410.5138020672
Hodgsons CFE Pistol7.81190155279131020423
Hodgsons Tite group5.21090154106.2122020677
Hodgsons Universal6.51190156777.6128020785
Norma R15.21100155406.1121020542
Vitavouri 3N37912401565610.2135020613
Winchester 2316.31150155397.4128020880