RT – .22 Hornet

Note: Reloading cartridges can be dangerous and result in personal injury or serious damage to property. Loading should only be attempted by individuals with a strong knowledgebase and correct instruction on all parts and apparatus and Viper Bullets strongly encourages safe reloading practices. Please ensure at all times that the correct components, equipment and measurements are used while reloading as incorrect procedure or overloading can result in excessive chamber pressures. The below tables are intended only as a starter loads and as any reloading operations and safety practices are beyond our control we disclaim all liability for damages to persons or property that may result.


PowderStart Load grStart Load gVelocity fpsVelocity ms
S26510,5 2800 
CFE BLK12 2640 
IMR422710 2320 
29611 2800 
H11011 2800 
Lil’Gun12 2680 
H422710 2600 
H419811 2650 
Lovex D0609,5 2520 
Lovex S0539,2 2450 
Alliant 24008,7 2650 
N1109 2680 


PowderStart Load grStart Load gVelocity fpsVelocity ms
S2659,9 2640 
CFE BLK12,1 2480 
IMR42278,7 2312 
29610,2 2660 
H11010 2570 
Lil’Gun12 2660 
H42279 2420 
H419810,5 2250 
Lovex D0408,50,532300705
Lovex S0538,7 2220 
Alliant 24008,2 2550 


PowderStart Load grStart Load gVelocity fpsVelocity ms
S2659,3 2470 
CFE BLK11,7 2403 
IMR42278,5 2310 
2969,6 2500 
H1109 2320 
Lil’Gun12 2640 
H42278,5 2198 
H419810,5 2240 
Lovex S0408 2295 
Lovex S0538,5 2165 
Alliant 24007,7 2380 
Vitavouri N1108,8 2520